Metal blanking Brescia

Professional mold manufacturing processes

fine blanking

Founded over 25 years ago with the aim of manufacturing pecision, hi-tech molds and tools; in addition to the quality and technology of its mold manufacturing processes - especially in the carbide mold sector - "CBL Stampi e Tranciatura" is renowned for its professionalism and ability to respond to its custumers' requirements.

In 2000, the rapid growth of "CBL Stampi e Tranciatura" obliged the partners to move to a new factory on the Agnosine (BS) industrial estate to expand the plant initially planned for the pressing trials.

The availability of presses has enabled us to produce molds for some of our trusted customers.

The customer is at the center of everything we do. Thanks to our team of professionals and efficient machines, we can offer innovative technical solutions that are tailored to meet all your quality, cost and logistical requirements.

Today CBL Stampi e Tranciatura exports more than 1/3 of its production.

We have become a trusted partner for numerous international groups and companies in the automotive, electrical, furniture, household appliances sectors, amongst others.

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